Daiwa Crosscast Spod 45 SCW QD LC
    Daiwa Crosscast Spod 45 SCW QD LC
    Daiwa Crosscast Spod 45 SCW QD LC
    Daiwa Crosscast Spod 45 SCW QD LC



    Daiwa 20 CrossCast 45 SCW 5000 LD QD New 2020

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    20 CrossCast 45 SCW 5000LD QD
    with 4.9: 1 gear ratio & 5000LD QD coil
    Big pit reel with 45mm spool stroke for extreme throwing distances!
    Like the big brothers, the Emcast 45 SCW QD, the new CrossCast long cast reels for the 2020 fishing season are equipped with the new 45mm spool stroke & Slow Cross Wrap line laying.
    The strengths of the CrossCast carp reels with 45mm spool stroke include, among other things, the silky- soft , absolutely smooth roller running , which you can rely on in every situation and even under the greatest loads, an enormous hauling power , as well as the slow SCW line lay , with which for less friction and thus a better casting performance is ensured !
    The Quick Drag brake system has a concentrated braking force of a maximum of 15kg and the Quick Drag system allows you to adapt to changing drill & flow situations in seconds, so that you are perfectly equipped for every situation !
    With the longcast dropping edge of the Ultra Long Cast spool , the friction of the line is minimized during the cast and the throwing distance is also optimized upwards - perfect if you have to move your assembly to far away feeding places.
    "Stainless Steel" Rollenachse:
    The extra strong axle of the CrossCast ensures that the reels can withstand even the toughest twisting loads without any problems and that you can conquer even the most capital of chunks.
    5000LD Long Distance Spule:
    With the large line capacity of 0.35mm / 530m, it is perfect for fishing in large bodies of water and carp fishing at maximum distances!
    Special Features:
    3 ball bearings, DS5 roller body with "No Paint" surface (prevents paint flaking etc.), Quick Drag braking system with 15kg maximum braking force, DigiGear II roller gear, manual Infinite Anti-Reverse backstop, SCW - Slow Cross Wrap - line laying (for a perfect winding pattern with almost every line), ultra longcast spool, 45mm ultra long spool stroke, screw-in aluminum crank with soft-touch T-handle knob, Twist Buster II line roller, HIP line clip (protects the line and is perfect if the same spot has to be hit exactly again and again ), ...
    (The ironing is basically done by hand)
    Spare spool:No
    Kitchen sink:Aluminum
    Crank:Single crank
    Braking force:15kg
    Own weight:610g
    Translation:4.9: 1
    Dexterity:Left hand, right hand
    Line retraction:104cm
    Cord setting:0.35mm/530m
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