Daiwa TD Feeder 4012 QD

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    Team Daiwa TD 4012 QD
    4.9: 1 ratio
    Strictly limited feeder role with efficient casting performance!
    With the Team Daiwa WD 4012 with Quick Drag brake system, the Daiwa fishing team presents a feeder reel with "HardBody-Z" aluminum body, an extremely reliable and precise front brake system, as well as a silky smooth roller run, even under the greatest loads!
    The robust roller body made of aluminum ensures maximum stability   and absolutely torsion-proof storage of the inside of the roller even in extreme situations .
    With the wide ABS aluminum long cast spool and the Twist Buster II line roller, the TD feeder reels, developed with the Daiwa fishing team, ensure improved and more precise casts and a reduced line twist , which enables particularly effective feeder use!
    The aluminum reels were developed for modern feeder fishing with thin monofilament or braided fishing lines and the cross-wrap line installation ensures a perfect winding pattern even with the thinnest line diameters and thus reduces the risk of tangles to a minimum!
    With their Quick Drag braking system , the Team Daiwa Feeder Reels 4012 allow you to quickly adjust the brake setting from "open" to "closed", which means that you can react in no time at all, in order to be able to set the perfect braking resistance during the fight.
    The 4012 model of the Team Daiwa feeder reels were designed for the extreme feeder requirements:
    With their strong axle and gearbox, they are perfectly designed for use with heavy feeders .
    Special Features:
    6 ball bearings, HardBodyZ aluminum roller body, Air Rotor, Quick Drag braking system, DigiGear II gear, Infinite Anti-Reverse backstop, Silent Oscillation System & Cross-Wrap line laying, AirBail line roller, aluminum quick-folding crank with soft-touch T-handle knob, ABS aluminum Long cast spool, High Impact Protection Lineclip (HIP), ...
    Spare spool:No
    Kitchen sink:Aluminum
    Crank:Single crank
    Own weight:440g
    Line retraction:87cm
    Braking force:8kg
    Translation:4.9: 1
    Cord setting (exact):0,27mm/195m, 0,29mm/150m
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