Shimano Ultegra Spod XTE-169,90 



    Shimano Ultegra Spod XTE

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    • CI14 ritės kūnas
    • XT7 Ritės Rotoriaus konstrukcija
    • 3 Valo nežalojantys klipsai
    • Super Slow5 Lėto valo klojimo sistema
    • 4+1 Guoliai
    • Valo surinkimas per pilna prasukimą: 124cm
    • Svoris - 635gr
    • Max. traukos jėga – 20kg
    • Perdavimas – 5.2:1
    • Būgnelio talpa:  0.35mm - 290m
    • Atsarginio būgnelio nėra, užsakyti atskirai

    The Ultegra XTE Spod is a purpose designed spod reel that offers a fantastic combination of value and performance. With a high speed retrieve, shallow spool, 3 line clips and an ergonomic handle grip for comfort, the Ultegra XTE Spod will fit seamlessly into any anglers set-up.

    If you are looking for a specialist spod reel, designed to cope with the demands of modern long range spodding, look no further than the Ultegra XTE Spod. Based on the stunning feature packed Ultegra XTE 14000, you can be sure that the Ultegra Spod has the performance, credibility and kudos required by serious carp anglers. Tough, strong and fast (124 cm per handle turn), the Ultegra Spod makes spodding easier, and has multiple line clips for clipping up at different ranges enabling you to cover more swims with the same set-up.

    Hidden inside the lightweight, rigid, CI4+ body of the Ultegra XTE Spod is a selection of Shimano’s most advanced technology. HAGANE Gear and X-SHIP combine with Infinity Drive and Silent Drive to deliver amazing smoothness and lightweight rotation. And whilst the internal engineering is a work of art that will cope with continuous spodding, it’s the casting performance that you will be buying this reel for. The Super Slow 5 Oscillation generates amazingly smooth line lay that is proven to reduce friction and increase casting potential. But there are other features that contribute too. Rigid Cast reduces spool deflection at the moment of release during a cast and Parallel Body sends the line at the perfect angle towards the first guide. And as the line flows over the lip of the aluminium AR-C spool it ‘coils down’ to reduce friction. The result is casting brilliance never seen at such an affordable price.

    • Specialist ‘spodding’ version of the feature packed Ultegra XTE
    • Hagane Gear, X-Ship, Infinity Drive and Silent Drive for efficient winding under pressure
    • Super Slow 5 Oscillation for increased long range casting
    • CI4+ Body for reduced weight and increased body rigidity
    • RigidCast and Parallel Body for enhanced casting
    • Super fast 5.2:1 gear ratio (124 cm per handle turn)
    • Shallow AR-C spool designed for braid with 3 line clips
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