Miegmaišis Skills All Seasons Camo 215x97cm-128,00 



    Miegmaišis Skills All Seasons Camo 215x97cm

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    The All Seasons Sleeping Bag Camo by Skills impresses with its design.

    But what would a sleeping bag be that only scores with its design. Accordingly, comfort was placed in the focus . If you are planning a longer fishing vacation, it can be warm one day and cooler another day. With this sleeping bag you are doing everything right in both cases. Because with its inner lining made of thermal fleece it warms you even in cooler temperatures. In addition, the resulting heat is retained by the increased insulation inside the sleeping bag.

    Another advantage of the sleeping bag is that you are yourself do not have to squeeze into or out of the sleeping bag. But you can easily and quickly undo the double-sided detachable zippers . In order to secure the sleeping bag against slipping on the lounger (not included), it was provided with several fastening points . As a result, you lie always extremely comfortably and there is no risk of landing on the floor with your sleeping bag.

    The All Seasons Sleeping Bag Camo is rounded off by its absolutely appealing Camo design , which will make your angler's heart beat faster, an inside pocket for your valuables and the integrated, but also removable pillow .

    Product details:

    Dimensions: 215cm x 97cm

    Color: Camo

    Inner lining: thermal fleece

    increased insulation

    built-in pillow (with zipper)

    Inside pocket for valuables

    zips that can be released on both sides

    several attachment points on a bedchair (not included)

    suitable for all seasons

    Delivery only sleeping bag! 

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