Miegmaišis Fox EOS 3 Sleeping Bag - New 2020



    Miegmaišis Fox EOS 3 Sleeping Bag

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    2-3 seasons, extra comfort and a sensational price-performance ratio!
    In addition to the extraordinary comfort, the EOS Sleeping Bags offer countless other practical features and fit perfectly with the respective EOS loungers .
    This includes the length-adjustable restraint strap , the smooth polyester lining in the middle section and the fleece lining in the foot and head area, including a compartment for the pillow.
    The heat is perfectly held by the offset stitching in layers inside.
    The large and extremely robust crash zippers and the associated fleece zipper covers ensure quality and tear resistance .
    The flexible fixing covers on the head and foot sections are suitable for loungers with individual support feet such as the Flatliner 6 Leg, for example.
    The sleeping bags are delivered in a practical compression bag .
    Product details of the EOS3 Sleeping Bag:
    Sleeping bag dimensions: width 104cm x length 220cm
    Pack size: 37cm x 55cm
    Weight: 3.4kg
    Recommended for 2-3 seasons
    Heavy-duty crash zippers
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