Miegmaišis Anaconda Level 4.2-187,00 



    Miegmaišis Anaconda Level 4.2

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    The improved further development in the popular Level 4 series.

    This great sleeping bag has the special feature that it consists of two sleeping bags!


    1. The 7.5cm thick outer bag lined with warm fleece:

    Its outer skin is made of MST10.000, which is completely water and wind resistant.


    2. The inner sleeping bag, which is also lined with fleece and is 3.5 cm thick, can be zipped into the top and bottom of the outer sleeping bag using extremely strong zips.


    If you combine both, you can survive cold nights down to -25 degrees Celsius without any problems. For warm spring or autumn nights, the outer sleeping bag alone is sufficient with enough warmth.


    So that the Level 4.2 cannot slip on the lounger, it has a strap in the middle and a sleeve at the head and foot end.


    Product Details:

    Dimensions: 210x90cm

    Temperature range up to a maximum of -25°C

    separate mesh pockets with zips on the sides

    Fleece lining

    separate inner sleeping bag

    Transport dimensions: 50x45x45cm

    Transport weight: approx. 6.5kg

    MST10.000: water and wind resistant material

    incl. transport bag made of 600D polyester

    Carabiner protection of the zippers

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