Miegmaišis ProLogic Thermo Armor Supreme Sleeping Bag



    Miegmaišis ProLogic Thermo Armor Supreme Sleeping Bag

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    Great comfort & always ready!
    Here the modern angler gets all the weather protection he really needs.
    The Thermo Armor Supreme all-weather sleeping bag was made of the best water-repellent and breathable material available to the ProLogic team and offers perfect protection and comfort all year round!
    A removable extra cover ensures that you always have a comfortable place to sleep, even in cold temperatures and unfavorable weather conditions.
    The removable blanket is made of the same outer material as the Thermo Armor Supreme sleeping bag and can also be used as a blanket on its own - the perfect solution for summer nights!
    Product details:
    Dimensions: 215 x 95 cm,
    Weight: approx. 5.1kg
    Outside lining: 240 Heavy Duty Nylon (with water-repellent coating,
    Comfort zone: approx. -10 to 20 degrees,
    Comfort zone (with Thermo Armor cover): approx. -15 to 5 degrees,
    10mm "Quick-Release" zipper on both sides,
    including fastening straps for couch & compression bag
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