Miegmaišis Fox EOS 2-89,00 



    Miegmaišis Fox EOS 2

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    2-3 seasons, extra comfort and a sensational price-performance ratio!

    The EOS Sleeping Bags also offer the extraordinary comfort, countless other practical features and fit perfectly with the respective EOS loungers .

    These include the length-adjustable restraint belt , the smooth polyester lining in the middle part and that fleec E-lining in the foot and head area, including a pocket for the pillow.

    The warmth is kept perfectly by the offset stitching in layers inside.

    The large and extremely robust crash zippers and the associated fleece zipper covers .

    The flexible fixing covers on the head and foot sections are suitable for loungers with single support feet such as the Flatliner 6 Leg, for example.

    The sleeping bags are delivered in a practical compression bag .

    Product details of the EOS2 Sleeping Bag:

    Sleeping bag dimensions: width 94cm x length 213cm

    Pack size: 35cm x 47cm

    Weight: 2, 9kg

    Recommended for 2-3 seasons

    Heavy-duty crash zippers

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