Valtis Dulkan D400
    Valtis Dulkan D400
    Valtis Dulkan D400
    Valtis Dulkan D400
    Valtis Dulkan D400
    Valtis Dulkan D400



    Valtis Dulkan D400

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    Dulkan 400 is model, which had proved itself for over 6 years of operation in the difficult conditions of the Baltic Sea, where the weather can change rapidly quickly – from complete calm to a severe storm. The large width of the cockpit and a larger diameter cylinder of 50 cm and 5 air holding compartments enable the owners of the vessel, even after loading the equipment to the maximum, to feel very comfortable on board. V – shaped geometry of the bottom provides the hull with better handling characteristics while the motion on a wave. The boat is equipped with the unique design of the transom, which provides a quick guide to easy and accurate balancing of power tiller. Rubbing strake protects sides from abrasion. Rails with sliding seats allow them to move easily across the entire working area.

    Techninė specifikacija

    Length, m4.00
    Width, m1.85
    Inside length, m2.80
    Inside width, m0.85
    Balloon`s diameter, m0.50
    Number of collectors4+KEEL
    Number of people6
    Tonnage, kg800
    Set weight, kg89
    Package dimensionsBoat: 1.30×0.40×0.75
    Package dimensionsPaul: 0.98×0.85×0.07
    Motor engine kw/hp22/30
    Height of transomS
    Material PVC (ballons)VALMEX 7330, 1200 g/m²
    Material PVC (bottom)VALMEX 7330, 1200 g/m²
    Boat design categoryС
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