Valtis Dulkan D325 DZ
    Valtis Dulkan D325 DZ
    Valtis Dulkan D325 DZ
    Valtis Dulkan D325 DZ



    Valtis Dulkan D325 DZ

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    Model 325DZ is reduced analogue of 370DZ intended for use by: fishermen, hunters, fire-fighters, military and recreational enthusiasts with friends. In reduced-size boat will accommodate a large amount of cargo and ensure comfort while running. The seats slide along the guide rails, which allow them to move easily across the entire working area, the deck is made of waterproof plywood reinforced with stringers. The boat is packed in two bags handy and can be transported in the trunk of the car.

    Techninė specifikacija

    Length, m3.25
    Width, m1.70
    Inside length, m2.15
    Inside width, m0.80
    Balloon`s diameter, m0.45
    Number of collectors3
    Number of people4
    Tonnage, kg550
    Set weight, kg60
    Package dimensions1.15×0.45×0.40
    Motor engine kw/hp11/15
    Height of transomS
    Material PVC (ballons)VALMEX 7318, 1000 g/m²
    Material PVC (bottom)VALMEX 7330, 1200 g/m²
    Boat design categoryC

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