Yamaga Blanks Calista 82ML TZ Nano (258cm, 4-24 g)-459,00 



    Yamaga Blanks Calista 82ML TZ Nano (258cm, 4-24 g)

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    This is the well balanced model that is enables anglers to jerk various ways from vanishing wave block, rocks or high scaffolding breakwater. It have been given high versatility to lure squid by various way of jerking and you will be able to cast long distance with it without any stress. This will play an important part in spring season and also fall season as well for sure. And another Characteristic of it is high sensitivity to sense even structure of bottom of the sea and softness of seaweed. This is the super sensitive model which is not only to sense contact of squid but also to explore underwater world as you are searching by hands.
    86L/TZ NANO
    Length: 2.58m
    Rod weight: 93g
    Sections: 2pcs
    EGI #: 2.5-3.5 (4-24 g)
    PE line: 0.4-0.8
    Transport length: 1.32m

    Egging rod series from YAMAGA Blanks “Calista” have been renewed with latest technology. Blanks of Calista have been redesigned totally with NANOALLOY® technology from TORAY to achieve potential of response as egging rod of new generation.
    The ability of distance cast have been increased thanks to TORZITE ring titanium guide (SIC titanium guide on top guide only) from FUJI. Blanks made of NANOALLOY will be followed in a moment when it is loaded and will be returned instantly thanks to high repulsion force. Because of these character angler will be able to jerk EGI sharply with less power than ever and make monster squid float quickly without any breakage of legs of squid when you fight. Blanks with moderate stiffness and suppleness will reduce burden of anglers and enable you to lure squid more delicately.....

    ※Big deference in between new model and previous model is suppleness. Blanks with Nano alloy is enable angler to jerk easily with less power than previous model while reducing burden of angler’s wrist. Tip section have been loaded ability to reduce the chance of tangle of line and also have been achieved high sensitiveness with high speed of response.

    Calista TZ/NANO Comparison (Load 500g)

    hese are comparison images of Calista and Various series which are loaded 500g weight on tip.
    As long as same category of strength, Calista series are more flexible than various series as you can see this deflection table. It does not mean that Calista series are just weaker than Various series.
    This is the one of remarkable characteristic of blanks that is consisted of NANOALLY® technology.
    Although you might feel some stiffness when you hand Calista series, you will be able to jerk and set hook on effectively with less movement.
    Blanks of Calista series which are made of NANO alloy will be shock absorber and followed in a moment when it is loaded, then will be returned instantly thanks to high repulsion force. You might need to get used to it if you wish to handle Calista TZ Nano at your will.
    Various would suit to angler who like orthodox egging style and if you wish to cast and jerk lure with less movement, we recommend you to choose Carista series.
    ※These images are not illustrated on the full potential or characteristics of rods. Please understand that these pictures are taken under the limited situation, it was loaded with weight on rods gentry.

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