Lupus 61RM-259,00 
    Lupus 61RM-259,00 
    Lupus 61RM-259,00 
    Lupus 61RM-259,00 



    Lupus 61RM

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    • Lure: 0.6~6g
    • Line: 1.5~4lb / PE 0.15~0.5
    • Total length: 1865mm
    • Storage size: 955mm
    • Weight: 54g
    • Number of joints: 2pcs (reverse parallel joint)
    • Carbon: 89.5%
    • Guide: SiC-S stainless frame K guide specification (Fuji)
    • Reel seat: DPS16 specification (Fuji)
    • Grip size: a. 195mm / b. 260mm
    • *a. Length from foot position to grip end when reel is attached / b. Total length of handle

    regular taper is easy to cast a wide range of lures and weights, and it has high versatility. The delicate tip section captures the bite from the fish, and the belly section follows smoothly while giving it moderate tension, suppressing the repulsion of the bite and firmly determining the hook. This rod is a central presence in developing area trout games, and is recommended for those who want to do anything with one rod regardless of the area, and for beginners who are just starting out.

     About recommended lures:

    As the name multi-purpose suggests, this one rod can handle a wide range of lures. It is good at fishing with spoons and crankbaits of about 1 to 4g. It also has the depth to cover micro spoons and cranks with large pulling resistance to some extent. Furthermore, it can easily handle the magic jerk of a minnow that approaches by vertical luring and the digital winding of bottom lures. It is the standard of Yamaga Blanks' area model.

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