Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 73 Plug Seamless TZ/Nano (222cm



    Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 73 Plug Seamless TZ/Nano (222cm, 0,2-6gr)

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    The blank is designed to have contradicting characteristics of sharpness and flexibility in order to successfully hookup the subtle “sucking” and “nibbling” bites. The rod will smoothly respond to your hooking followed by the fight. Anglers will be able to pick up those minute bites when the targets are feeding on micro baits by slowing drifting your lures in the current.

    TargetHorse Mackerel(Aiji) / Rock fish
    LureMicro plugs
    LengthWeightSectionLureLineCarbonPriceJAN CODE
    2220mm67g2pcsPlug 1.5~6g/JH0.3~5gPE 0.1~0.4号99.8%

    Closed Length : 1135mm Joint : Put over Ferrule Guide:TORZITE Titanium frame K Guide(Fuji)
    Reel Seat:VSS16(Fuji) Suitable spinning reel size :DAIWA #LT1000~2000 / SHIMANO #1000~C2000

    Here is an illustration of the BlueCurrent TZ/NANO series with a static load of 250g. We have also included the most fineness 53 and the most powerful 82 of the BlueCurrent III series for reference. The TZ/NANO series are categorized into different colors depending on model.
    The 610Plug and 73Plug added for the 2021 season are both designed with TZ/NANO and have a totally different concept to existing models. They are specifically designed for use with hard bodied lures to target Japanese Horse Mackarel and Japanese rock fish, and the usage of jig-head rigs can be considered as an alternative secondary option.

    The 610Plug is especially stiffer compared to other models in the lineup and may cause a miss-bite for use with jig-head rigs which are more suitable for sucking type bites. However, the ultra sensitive blank will instantaneously transmit the slightest touch from the fish allowing you to swiftly hookup the fish. This extreme setting is very unique for the BlueCurrent series, but anglers around the world will understand that situations like this do exist, especially those who already have experienced the BlueCurrent models.

    ※These images are not illustrated on the full potential or characteristics of rods. Please understand that these pictures are taken under the limited situation, it was loaded with weight on rods gently.

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