Lupus 62MB-259,00 
    Lupus 62MB-259,00 
    Lupus 62MB-259,00 
    Lupus 62MB-259,00 



    Lupus 62MB

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    • Lure: 1~6g
    • Line: 2~6lb / PE 0.15~0.6
    • Total length: 1895mm
    • Storage size: 970mm
    • Weight: 61g
    • Number of joints: 2pcs (reverse parallel joint)
    • Carbon: 93.2%
    • Guide: SiC-S stainless frame K guide specification (Fuji)
    • Reel seat: DPS16 specification (Fuji)
    • Grip size: a. 225mm / b. 290mm
    • *a. Length from foot position to grip end when reel is attached / b. Total length of handle

    has a tension overall, and the tip section has an exquisite repulsive force, allowing you to perform the lift and fall action of the metal vibration at a good tempo, and the tension of the blank allows you to smoothly bring the bite during the action to hooking. In addition, the lure rises quickly even in the digital winding method of bottom lures, allowing you to freely perform the intended performance of the angler. Furthermore, this model is suitable not only for bottoms but also for popping operations of top water plugs.

     About recommended lures:

    Compatible with bottom lures including metal vibrations. It is finished in a tone that can be brought to hooking in a series of flows from the lift and fall action of metal vibrations. You can search the bottom at will by moving it briskly with the action of the rod tip, such as the bottom bump of spoons and the bottom knock of deep cranks. The popping of top water plugs is also easy to handle.

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