Lupus 66RS-269,00 
    Lupus 66RS-269,00 
    Lupus 66RS-269,00 
    Lupus 66RS-269,00 



    Lupus 66RS

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    • Lure: 0.8~6g
    • Line: 1.5~5lb / PE 0.15~0.5
    • Total length: 1990mm 
    • Storage size: 1025mm
    • Weight: 57g
    •  Number of joints: 2 pieces (reverse parallel joint)
    • Carbon: 89.6%
    • Guide: SiC-S stainless frame K guide specification (Fuji)
    •  Reel seat: DPS16 specification (Fuji)
    • Grip size: a. 225mm / b. 290mm
    • * a. Length from the foot position to the grip end when the reel is attached / b. Overall length of the handl

    tip section is delicate and flexible, allowing the lure to move freely during retrieval, and it can capture even pecking bites. On the other hand, by giving the belly section a sharp tension, it allows for a firm hooking, especially with lures that have strong pulling resistance, such as crankbaits, and the input from the hook is not easily transmitted to the fish. The 6.6ft rod length makes it easy to mend the line, and the bat power is the strongest model among retrieve types, so even when dealing with large fish, the rod's entire hold does not give the lead.

    About recommended lures:

    It is compatible with lures with high pulling resistance, such as crankbaits and relatively heavy (3g or more) spoons, even when simply reeling in. The sensitive tip follows the various movements of crankbaits of various shapes and sizes, making the most of the crankbait's original movement. Even with deep cranks with large lips, the sharp belly tension makes it easy to feel the weight of the lure and the resistance it causes when pulling. It also has excellent long-distance casting performance, making it effective in situations where distance is required in large areas.

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