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Ritė Daiwa N'Zon Plus LT 6000SS-P - New 2020



YRA SANDELY! Ritė Daiwa Emblem Spod

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Fabulous 122cm line retraction per revolution
Due to the great demand, the legendary Emblem Spod-Rolle was finally included in the Germany / Austria program!
This fighting role is characterized by extreme catching power and endless power.
The castlock mechanism prevents an unwanted change of the handle when throwing. The two line clips on the spool enable easy handling and precise throws at the targeted feeding area.
Thanks to the strong worm shaft gear, even large feed rockets can be easily transported into the distance.
Special Features:
4 ball bearings (incl. 1 "CRBB"), Super AutoCast II system, Castlock bracket lock, Wormshaft spool stroke system, ABS aluminum spool, line clips on both sides ...
Spare coil:No
Kitchen sink:Aluminum
Crank:Single crank
Translation:5.1: 1
Own weight:690g
Cord capture (exact):0.35mm / 280m
Line retraction:122cm
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