Fox Mini Micron X Limited Edition Camo 4 Rod Set

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    Mini Micron X Limited Edition Camo  4 Rod Set

    4 wireless bite alarm, 1 receiver

    The bestseller now in a limited camo version!

    The Mini Micron X Bite Alarm from Fox is the modern, reworked version of the classic old school Mini Micron.
    Now you can choose between four levels of volume and pitch, and four levels of sensitivity select levels. Accordingly, you can decide for yourself at what point the bite alarm reacts to a tug.
    You can also adjust the light intensity of the LEDs. The color of the LED can be changed by pressing the volume button while adjusting the sensitivity button. The highlight, however, is the positioning of the LEDs. You can always see these because they are clearly visible at the top of the ears. Now you can no longer overlook the glowing of the LEDs!
    The D-Tec sensor system ensures that this bite indicator provides a precise and consistent bite indication. The conical speaker, on the other hand, ensures a clear sound. You can't miss a bite anymore!
    The rubber inserts in the bite alarm ears, which were specially installed to protect the rod, cannot be overlooked. However, they also serve a very practical purpose. Because they fix your rod even during a strong bite.
    The bite indicator also has a connection in the form of a 2.5mm jack socket, to which you can connect an illuminated clip-on bite indicator (not included).
    The associated Mini Micron X Receiver has Digital I-Com technology, which gives you great radio transmission signal strength. Just like the bite alarm, the receiver shines with multicolor LEDs, but in the case of the receiver with automatic color synchronization so that you can easily and simply synchronize it with your bite alarms.
    The housing of the receiver has been thoroughly sealed with it he can serve you well even in bad weather. In addition, the receiver has a detachable hanging strap for fixing in the tent or on your belt loop.
    The Mini Micron X 2- Rod set delivered with a hard case for the bite alarm and a practical transport case.

    Product details bite alarm:
    - Volume, pitch and sensitivity can be adjusted in four stages using the adjustment button
    - Different drop bite indicators
    - Compatible with the Mini Micron X receiver
    - Two extremely clearly visible 5mm multicolor LEDs in the colors green, blue, red and orange are positioned at the top of the bite alarm's ears so that you can always see them
    - The LED color is changed by continuously pressing the volume button and simultaneously operating the Sensitivity buttons changed
    - LED Light intensity is adjustable
    - LED light intensity is adjusted by holding down the volume button and adjusting the pitch button at the same time 
    - D-Tec sensor system/wheel technology for precise and consistent bite indication
    - 2.5mm power output socket - intended for connection of illuminated hook-on alarms such as the Fox Illuminated Swingers
    - low battery warning system
    - batteries need to be replaced when the LEDs start flashing every 2 seconds
    - Conical speaker for a clear sound 
    - Rubber inserts in the bite indicator tubes protect your rod and also fix it in the event of a strong bite
    - On/Off toggle switch
    - With profile -Locking screw for secure mounting
    - Operates on small N-type (LR1) batteries
    - 3/8 BSF metal screw thread

    Receiver product details:
    - Digital I-Com technology for great radio transmission signal strength
    - Warning function to indicate low battery voltage
    - Receiver batteries need to be replaced , when the LEDs start flashing automatically every 2 seconds
    - Multicolor LEDs with automatic color synchronization
    - Easy connection of the Microns to the receiver
    - Weatherproof sealed housing
    - Conical speaker
    - Detachable hanging strap

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