Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set
    Fox Micron MX 4 Rod Set



    YRA SANDELYJE! Fox Micron MX 3 Rod Set New 2020

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    Micron MX 3 Rod Set
    3 + 1 Multicolor LED Radio Indicator Set
    Make a visible mark!
    The new Micron MX LED multicolor radio bite indicators set a true sign and reliably report every bite. Be it optically, acoustically or by radio, you are guaranteed to be informed.
    The Micron MX are equipped with a particularly visible 4mm multicolor LED where you can freely choose your color. You can choose from the colors red, orange, green, blue, purple & white . You can easily set this color choice using the rubber push button on the back of your bite indicator.
    But if you do not look at a bite, your bite indicator will also inform you acoustically with a tone from the extremely high-quality conical speaker . So that you don't startle the whole lake at night, the Micron MX has a stepped adjustment wheel for setting the volume . However, if you are in the tent during the night and have set the radio bite indicator to silent, you can easily get information about the bite via the integrated I-Com radio transmission technology on your Mircon MX receiver. This reveiver automatically synchronizes with the set color of your bite indicator .
    The Tru Run line wheel is particularly sensitive and therefore ideally suited to inform you of every bite immediately. Especially in combination with the integrated and excellent D-Tech sensor system , the Micron MX are extremely reliable.
    This radio bite indicator is switched on via a toggle switch, which is located a little to the left above the loudspeaker. If you want even in "stealth mode" fishing so you can also set that the bite indicator silent switching is possible. But with this toggle switch you not only control on / off, but with the third setting position it is also possible to change the sensitivity .
    Of course, the Micron MX also offers you the option of connecting an external illuminated optical bite indicator. You will find the power connection in the form of a 2.5mm jack socket under a water-resistant rubber cover on the back of the bite indicator.
    To ensure that the moving parts of your radio bite indicator set are always optimally protected during transport, the Micron MX bite indicators are delivered with a hard case . A practical transport case should of course not be missing from a set.
    Special Features:
    Highly visible 4mm multicolor LED
    (Colors red, orange, green, blue, violet & white can be selected)
    Graduated adjustment of the volume
    High quality conical speaker
    Rubber inlays to protect your rods
    Tru-Run wheels
    two-stage sensitivity control
    Integrated I-Com radio transmission technology
    D-Tech Sensorsystem (DTSS)
    Silent switch-on
    1 x power connection socket 2.5mm jack
    Hard case
    Operation via:
    Wireless bite indicator 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
    Receiver 3 x AA batteries (not included)
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