Cormoran Feeder 5PiF 6000
    Cormoran Feeder 5PiF 6000
    Cormoran Feeder 5PiF 6000
    Cormoran Feeder 5PiF 6000
    Cormoran Feeder 5PiF 6000
    Cormoran Feeder 5PiF 6000



    Cormoran Feeder 5PiF 6000

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    Feeder 5PiF
    All-round feeder reel for light to medium-weight feeder fishing!
    The Feeder 5PiF fits perfectly with today's modern feeder rods . As spinning rods became lighter and cheaper, spring rods soon followed suit. Thanks to carbon fiber, these are now much more manageable and lighter than before. Nevertheless, they have to be robust and resilient . So it made sense to develop a reel that exactly fits these modern rods. All fishing equipment is perfectly coordinated : light, very robust and inexpensive. The next catch will certainly not be long in coming !
    The core of it all is the brake . After all, if you take a bite in the current , you have to be able to rely absolutely. Due to the high power transmission , the fight is brought to the end as quickly as possible and the fish lands safely in the net .
    Due to the line capacity of 0.35mm / 240m, all feeder fishing is covered except for ultra-heavy feeder fishing in large streams .
    Finally, it should not go unmentioned that the large, double anodized aluminum reel has a large feeder line clip and an aluminum quick -folding crank . The name says it all with the Feeder 5PiF and it is ideal for feeder fishing .
    Product details:
    4 steel ball bearings, stepless Infinite Anti Reverse backstop, finely adjustable spool brake, aluminum long cast spool, quick-release crank, soft-touch handle knob, PowerBail line catcher, large anti-twist line roller, longlife bow spring, spring line clip, ...
    Spare spool:No
    Kitchen sink:Aluminum
    Crank:Single crank
    Translation:5.2: 1
    Own weight:360g
    Line retraction:100cm
    Cord setting:0,35mm/240m
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