Gultas Nash Tackle Sleep System Wide - New 2020
    Gultas Nash Tackle Sleep System Wide - New 2020
    Gultas Nash Tackle Sleep System Wide - New 2020
    Gultas Nash Tackle Sleep System Wide - New 2020



    Gultas Nash Tackle Sleep System Wide

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    Say goodbye to the cold!
    What immediately catches the eye is the stability . This is ensured by the extremely strong, three-legged steel frame with enlarged hinges . The six legs are extendable and can be set up using one-touch spring adjustments . This compensates for the unevenness of the floor and the bed is always stable.
    Another central point, which this time has to be classified in terms of comfort, is the heat function of the tackle sleep system. Starting with the mattress , which is made of micro-fleece and therefore has excellent warmth and insulation properties. This is supported by the feeding of the 4-season blanket , consisting of hollow fibers, which also has insulating properties and therefore does not allow the heat that your body produces during the night to escape so quickly. However, so that no cold can penetrate, the system has   two crash zippers , which thanks to the insulation ensure cozy warmth.
    The system is equipped with elastic loops where you can attach a pillow (not included), Velcro straps and compression straps , which means that it takes up little space on your barrow (not included).
    Product details:
    Dimensions: 198 x 97 x 32cm
    Size: Wide
    extendable legs: 32 - 39cm
    Weight: 12.2kg
    Color: Green
    Nash-Peachskin fish pattern
    Logo on the mattress
    strong, three-legged steel frame with enlarged hinges
    adjustable one-touch legs
    Micro-fleece mattress
    4-season blanket made of hollow fiber
    2 cash zippers
    elastic loops
    Velcro straps
    Compression straps
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