Kedė Anaconda Freelancer BDM-XL



    Kedė Anaconda Freelancer BDM-XL

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    For real men: the superlatives when it comes to comfort!
    Stylish fishing chair for any terrain with a wide and particularly comfortable seat made of moisture-repellent Alcantara material.
    The fluffy, extra padded pillow made of microfleece, as well as the filigree adjustment mechanism of the backrest ensure a particularly pleasant sitting comfort by the water!
    The extra wide mud feet ensure that the Freelancer BDM-XL fishing chair can be used securely in almost any terrain.
    Guaranteed loadable up to 170kg!
    Product details:
    Seat: 68 x 50 cm,
    Seat height: 40cm to 50cm,
    Backrest: 68 x 70 cm,
    Material: steel & aluminum components,
    Cover material: Alcantara (moisture-repellent),
    Transport dimensions: 80 x 80 x 20 cm,
    Weight: approx. 8.9kg,
    Aluminum locking mechanism against unintentional folding,
    including extra wide metal armrests, microfleece headboard & extra wide mud feet
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