Fox Rechargeable Air Pump 12 V / 240 V-59,90 



    Fox Rechargeable Air Pump 12 V / 240 V

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    Fox Rechargeable Air Pump

    - Rechargeable air pump for easy inflating or deflating of your inflatable boat
    - 12v/220v
    - Lightweight
    - Practical size
    - Fast charging
    - High volume
    - Including hose and nozzle
    - Suitable for inflatable boats from Fox and many other brands
    - Including European two prong plug socket
    - Effortlessly inflate your inflatable boats


    The Fox Rechargeable Air Pump is a battery-powered pump for inflating and deflating boats. This high volume of the pump allows you to quickly inflate even the big inflatable boats. The pump comes with a hose and nozzle which fits onto the rubber boats from Fox and many other brands.

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