PE valas YGK XBraid Geso TSR X8 150m Nr.0.6-1-34,90 



    PE valas YGK XBraid Geso TSR X8 150m Nr.0.6-1

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    XBRAID GESO TSR X8 PE- didesnio stiprumo, nei iprasti PE valai

    Introducing the new XBRAID GESO TSR X8 PE line that outperforms the previous "GesoX".

    [High smoothness]: By increasing the smoothness of the surface, it suppresses the "popping" of the intense jerks, and the little uneven smooths out the line guide
    Highly Water Repellent: The high water repellent properties repel water, so the line treatment is extremely improved with less resistance when jerking.
    [Clarity] The color is reduced by the new special technology that will last longer than previous products. By adopting the "new multi-fluorescent color" which improves visibility,
    It is easy to grasp the trajectory of the bait and gives you the feeling of being operated throughout the line, and it senses even fine strikes and reduces the sense of distance from the target.
    Medium hard thread quality: The "medium hard thread" with "tension/elasticity" suitable for eging, greatly reduces line issues.

    Finally, the XBRAID GESO TSR X8 comes with a new fluorescent pink color and a set of 8 PE lines that are suitable for eging.

    • Line Color: New fluorescent pink single color + 2m per meter [New fluorescent pink (170cm) + marker green (30cm) + marker light blue (170cm) + marker yellow (120cm) + marker light blue (11.8 inches (30cm) + marker light blue (30cm) 3 pattern rotation]
    • Line Material: PE (8 Strands, Specific Gravity 0.98) / Specifications: High Water Repellent, High Smoothness, Clarity, Medium Hard Thread


    Colour, SpalvaJapan # size PE, StorisDiam.мм/laikymas kgBraking load, kg. laikymasLengh(м). Ilgis
    Multicolor#0.6/13,5 lb0,115mm6,1 kg150 m
    Multicolor#0,8/17,2 lb0,128mm7,8 kg150 m
    Multicolor#1/21 lb0,148mm9,5 kg150 m

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