PE VALAS INTECH (YGK) MICRON PE X8 150M NR.0.4-0,6-19,00 




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    Intech MicroN PE X8 is a braid that opens a new page in technological development in the production of budget eight-core braids.

    This cord has been carefully selected for the range of the Intech brand, the Intech MicroN PE X8 has been tested and selected for more than six months for a number of fundamental properties.

    The main criterion for selecting a line was the high quality of the product, at the level of Japanese braids, and the maximum suitability of this line for use in jigging, fishing with a wobbler, from small to large weights. The line has passed all the tests to be boldly called universal for absolutely any style of fishing.


    It is safe to say that this task was accomplished brilliantly. After testing for abrasion, strength, and compliance with the stated diameter, Intech MicroN PE X8 showed the highest results in all parameters.

    Primary raw materials are used in the production of braids, which gives a consistently high and, most importantly, stable quality of the finished product. This braid for fishing is one of the most technologically advanced and profitable offers on the market in the budget segment.


    The colorfastness to washout is not due to painting, as on many budget braids, but to a special impregnation with the addition of a bright fluorescent pink pigment, this not only allowed to obtain a long-lasting color but also to improve abrasion resistance.

    The line has a reel of 150 and 200 meters and is suitable for catching trophy fish.


    Thus, the Intech MicroN PE X8 braided line is a universal hit for a wide variety of conditions, and the most smooth and homogeneous structure of the braid, which is impregnated with high-tech substances for the longest reach, retains the casting range and sensitivity of the MicroN PE X8 braid.

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