Termosas NISUS 1,0L-20,00 



    Termosas NISUS 1,0L

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    Thermos equipped with double-walled vacuum insulated, which allows to keep drinks hot or cold for a long time. Excellent keeps the temperature, freshness of the beverage and its original flavor. Made of stainless steel, coated soft-touch casing. Additional thermal insulation inside the cork. Buttonless stopper closes the flask securely and is easy to use. Roomy cup lid.

    • Volume: 750 ml/1000ml

    • Material: food grade stainless steel, plastic.

    • Narrow neck

    • Color: lime

    • Neck Diameter: 55 mm

    • Weight: 1 kg.

    COLD time: 24 hours

    WARM time:

    78 С°  -   6 hours

    72 С°  -  9 hours

    55 С°  -  24 hours

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