NAUJIENA! Yamaga Blanks Calista 76ML/TJ (228cm iki 20gr)-439,00 



    NAUJIENA! Yamaga Blanks Calista 76ML/TJ (229cm 4-24gr)

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    Since the release of the first model of the Calista in 2013 and through its history of updates, the lightness and easy handling of the Calista series have been loved by many anglers around the world.
    As of 2023, our whole lineup will be updated. In the current subdivided squid fishing scene, there are various techniques and the skill of individual anglers have drastically improved. There is one simple reason why we have embarked on the renewal of the series. It is none other than the fact that we want anglers to have the lightest, most responsive and absolute castability of what we have to offer with the current given technology.
    For the new “Calista”, it goes without saying that we have utilized the latest carbon material, but we have also challenged the limits of blank structural designs. All models will be equipped with a high level of standard performance for every angler to be able to express their techniques to the fullest.
    While maintaining the original concept of “easy and long distance casting”, each individual model has been honed to express the values of the new blank.
    The new Calista series have been rebuilt from the start and it is the crown of our manufacturing techniques and efforts. Its more than a “renewal” or a “new model”, it’s the “Origin of Calista”.
    As a blank manufacturer, there is no better challenge than creating this totally new Calista series for the squiding scene.


    Using Calista as an amplifies the senses, which increases the variation of Egi’s action inputs. This was a big proposition from the planning stage, and it was a concept that could not be removed.

    ○Concepts that match the times
    To a style that corresponds to the evolution of the line

    In the past model Calista, the first one in development was 86M. 86M is the basic model of Egging in terms of versatility.

    However, for the 2023 Callista, development started from 82ML based on the concept of seeking a more delicate sense as mentioned above. After sharpening the 82ML first, we adjusted the other four models.

    The reason for developing the medium light class is to match the evolution of the current line. The line is thinner and stronger, and it is less susceptible to water resistance, so the feeling of egging has definitely evolved.

    The assumed mainline of the previous Calista basic model 86M was PE0.6~0.8, while the basic model of 2023 Calista is 82ML, and the assumed mainline is PE0.4~0.6.
    With banks form us, you should be able to create egging rods that combine flexibility, sharpness, and speed, making the most of the advantages of the light line. That’s why 82ML was chosen as the development base.


    In addition to the 82ML, there are three medium-light class models: 90LML for long-range, finesse games, and 76ML, which focuses on improving the precision of casting and jerking. And one medium heavy class model 79MMH demanded accurate operation of large egi with tough power.
    These 5 models are not simply models by power class, but the basis of all models is the thorough pursuit of light casting performance and Egi operation performance.

    Calista 90LML /S (Stream)
    Calista 76ML / TJ (Technical Jerk)
    Calista 82ML / AR (All Rounder)
    Calista 86M / PF (Power & Finesse)
    Calista 79MMH / AG (Aggressive)

    All models have been designed with a concept that has never existed before, which is why 2023 Callista is not a renewal but a reconstruction.

    So let us explain about the concept of each model…
    ・82ML and 86M that are all-rounder. For those looking for comfort and efficiency, first choose one according to your target size and situation!
    ・76ML for spring shallow area capture, boat egging and when you aim to autumn squid fishing without staying same spot!
    ・90 LML for tidal currents, high scaffolding points, when you aim target on algae fields in spring, and waiting for migration in areas that require long casts!
    ・If you want to use egi No. 4 or deep at the deep point, and want to move the egi as intended with good response, use 79MMH!

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