Spiningai Hearty Rise Evolution
    Hearty Rise Evolution III-269,00 
    Spiningai Hearty Rise Evolution
    Hearty Rise Evolution III-269,00 



    Hearty Rise Evolution III

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    HEARTY RISE - gerai žinomas pasaulinis spinigų gamintojas. 

    The name is program! The Evolution series is entering its 3rd edition. Hearty Rise's "Funstick" at an entry-level price!

    All in all, the action of the previous models was largely left as it was. The series has been visually revised and the highly developed NET-V III blank now serves as the basis. The NET-V III process makes the rods more resistant while maintaining the same sensitivity. Lightweight Fuji KL and K guides increase casting distances and ensure smooth line travel.

    PASTABA: formuodami užsakymą norimos prekės modelį prašome nurodyti pastabose arbe el.pastu info@spiningavimas.lt

    ModelLenghtpcsTr. Lenghtweightlureline   lb       
    E3-602LS1,84 m295 cm96 gr2 - 10 gr 4 - 8
    E3-652MLS1,98 m2102 cm107 gr3 - 14 gr 5 - 10
    E3-662MS2,00 m2103 cm116 gr5 - 18 gr 10 - 16
    E3-702MS2,14 m2110 cm131 gr7 - 21 gr 10 - 16
    E3-692MHS2,07 m2107 cm131 gr7 - 28 gr 10 - 20
    E3-702HS2,14 m2110 cm135 gr10 - 42 gr 10 - 25
    E3-712XS2,17 m2112 cm147 gr14 - 80 gr 14 - 30
    E3-762MS2,30 m2118 cm138 gr 7 - 21 gr 10 - 16
    E3-762MHS2,30 m2118 cm142 gr7 - 32 gr 10 - 22
    E3-762HS2,30 m2118 cm153 gr10 - 52 gr 10 - 30
    E3-662MC1,99 m2103 cm113 gr5 - 18 gr 8 - 16
    E3-692MHC2,07 m2107 cm132 gr7 - 28 gr 10 - 20
    E3-702HC2,14 m2111 cm135 gr10 - 42 gr 10 - 25
    E3-712XC2,17 m2112 cm150 gr 14 - 80 gr

      14 - 30


    Adopted with our new technology NET-V II multi-angle, net-shape construction promotes 15% on rod strength, flexibility and especially on its resilience than before; also adopted with SNVC high modulus carbon fiber material to create light weight but powerful, comfortable holding and high sensitive rod.
    Outfitted with high stability reel seat promote its quality and FUJI K series guide with tangle-free, abrasion resistant features. The whole black painting and black EVA durable, non-slip designed handle, upgrade its visual attraction. Differ from the previous camouflage color tone; completely fit the aspiration of anglers to enjoy their leisure time.
    New added LG, LGX which rod action is between regular and fast. Have eight different rod actions in total and six different rod lengths between 1.8m and 2.5m. With 2 pieces rod design and both spinning and casting model to satisfy every anglers’ need.

    EVOLUTION II 進化 II 350×222 01
    Equipped with FUJI's Ultra-lightweight anti-wrap K-series SIC guides.
    EVOLUTION II 進化 II 350×222 02
    High quality reel seat.
    EVOLUTION II 進化 II 350×222 03
    The body is coated with OPP, making it ultra-lightweight, water-repellent and scratch-resistant.
    EVOLUTION II 進化 II 350×222 04
    High hardness EVA grip.

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