NAUJIENA! Spiningai Hearty Rise Bamboo Twig
    Hearty Rise Stalker SRE-199,00 
    NAUJIENA! Spiningai Hearty Rise Bamboo Twig
    Hearty Rise Stalker SRE-199,00 



    Hearty Rise Stalker SRE

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    HEARTY RISE - gerai žinomas pasaulinis spinigų gamintojas.

    The Hearty Rise Stalker spinning rod is suitable for fishing from the shore and from a boat. It works great on small bodies of water and in places where precise casting is required. The informative tip makes it possible to control the behavior of the bait and monitor changes in the bottom topography.

    Rings in anti-twist frames will allow a beginner to master any technique without any problems and learn how to accurately cast bait, and for an experienced spinning fisher they will significantly simplify the task when fishing in difficult conditions, for example in windy weather and in areas with a cluttered bottom. The design of the rings reduces the likelihood of beards forming, making fishing more comfortable.

    The model is equipped with an ultra-fast action, which is necessary when speeding up the landing of large fish. It helps to pass through thickets of grass and provides a high hooking speed, so idle bites can be avoided in most cases. Spinning is suitable for both jigging and twitching. It adds confidence when fishing in strong snags, as it makes it possible to quickly react to the threat of a snag. The rod blank is made of high-modulus carbon, which makes the structure lighter and gives it strength. A spaced handle with EVA overlays provides a comfortable grip, and since the rod is lightweight, fatigue is practically not felt during long fishing.

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