Evergreen Poseidon Squidlaw Second Stage SSSS-710MH-549,00 



    Evergreen Poseidon Squidlaw Second Stage SSSS-710MH

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    Powerful model for large egi and big tilt. The reborn ultra-lightweight blanks can handle strong jerks. The medium to large size Egi will be raised higher and bigger at once, and it will strongly appeal to the big Aori.

    full length2.39m joint number
    Standard dead weight112g powermedium heavy 
    lure range3 to 4.5 line rangePE No. 0.8 to 1.5 
    price45,000 yen (excluding tax)



    • ■ Blanks
      Adopting an ultra-lightweight carbon material, we realize the ideal blanks that are firm and return quickly. In addition, it has an unpainted unsand finish that gives you a light and smooth casting feeling.
    • ■ Guide system
      Original setting of Fuji stainless frame K guide with less line trouble and less hindrance to action with a single foot.
    • ■ Joint
      The joint part adopts a high-quality spigot joint that touches the surface. The signal transmitted to the tip is transmitted to the hand without loss.
    • ■ Reel seat design
      Uses a high-fit type Fuji IPS reel seat painted in a fearless black polish. A carbon pipe spacer is attached, and it is designed to grip firmly and have few steps.
    • *About changing the reel seat hood color
      B color (black finish) has been discontinued, so it will be changed to GM color (shiny gray finish). In addition, there is no functional difference between colors.
    • ■ Grip design
      Employs an EVA separate grip. Minimal rear grip shape that fits in the hollow of the palm when casting and is easy to grip. The grip end is equipped with a second stage original end plate, which is a proof of high quality and reliability.
    • ■ Made in Japan
      This product is made in Japan. Please see here

      (Grand Cobra product development concept) for "Commitment to Made in Japan" .

      * The image is "SSSS-88L".
    • ■ "National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council" certified product
      Based on the provisions of the "Fair Competition Code Concerning Fishing Rod Labeling" certified by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency, the " National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council" certified that it conforms to its contents and conditions " Affixed with the Fishing Rod Fair Mark.

      ※The image is an image.


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