Shimano Stella SW-C 4000 XG New 2020-679,00 



    Shimano Stella SW-C 4000 XG New 2020

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    Stella 4000 SW-C XG
    with 6.2: 1 Translation
    Saltwater combat roll for the 2020 spinning season!
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    Basically, the Stella SW combat roles no longer need an introduction, they have stood for everyone since the highest quality & amp; strongest saltwater spinning reels, which with their enormous resilience, stability & amp; Fighting Power for the most extreme situations when spin fishing in our oceans are designed.
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    It's not for nothing that anglers from all over the world put their full trust in the flagship reels from the Shimano spinfish range - and with the Stella SW-C, the Shimano team presents the new models for the (salt water) spinning season 2020 - stronger, more robust and more powerful than ever before!
    Extra strong X-Tough Drag braking system:
    The front drag system of the new Stella SW-C salt water -Spinning reels have enormous power , as well as an absolutely even braking power , even under the greatest loads and thus defeat even strong saltwater fish & amp; Sea robbers!
    Infinity Drive Gear System:
    The gear system ensures absolutely reliable and even roller running, which you can rely on in every situation when spinning salt water.
    The Sliding resistance has been eliminated, so that a particularly light & amp; Effective cranking , even in extreme situations, such as the drill with capital saltwater predators, is made possible.
    Absolute smoothness for maximum precision & amp; Smooth running:
    With the Silent Drive gear technology, gear noises , as well as Eliminates crank play whereby the smoothness of the new Stella sea rollers could be additionally improved.
    To ideally protect the roller gears and the rest of the inner workings The gear as well as the body of the new Stella SW-C for the marine spinning season 2020 made of Hagane material enable absolute torsional rigidity manufactured and with a EGG Surface treatment .
    patented long-throw spool design:
    Due to the patented A-RC spool design with the V-shaped spool edge , the line comes off the spool in smaller, narrower bends and thus enables particularly wide and precise casts with your spinning, art -, & amp; Sea bait!
    Conclusion of the saltwater combat rolls for 2020:
    With the new Stella SW-C you are perfect for all types of use & amp; Fishing techniques of modern saltwater spin fishing perfectly armed and you will enjoy the sea season 2020 to the fullest!
    Once you hold a Stella SW-C in your hands, you will never be another want!
    Special features of the Stella SW-C marine spinning reels:
    Reel housing made of Hagane material and with EI Surface Treatment (minimizes oxidation for a particularly long service life!), 12 Shielded A-RB ball bearings, AR-C aluminum spool for precise casts at good distances, extra strong & amp; highly reliable X-Tough Drag braking system with Silent Drive & amp; Infinitydrive Technology, 11kg maximum braking force (forces even strong sea predators to their knees!), X-Protext triple protection with special grease for perfect protection against penetrating water & amp; minimized friction, X-Shield, one-piece bail bail arm, screw-in aluminum crank with large power crank (for perfect power transmission in saltwater monster drills & in extreme situations), ...
    After using the Rinse the Stella SW-C thoroughly with fresh water (DO NOT immerse it)!
    Spare spool:no
    Kitchen sink:aluminum
    crank:Single crank
    translation:6.2: 1
    own weight:415g
    Braking force:11kg
    Cord retraction:101cm
    Cord setting:0.30mm / 180m, 0.35mm / 130m
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