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    Ritė Daiwa 23 Ninja LT 1000 reel - NEW 2023

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    Manufacturer: Daiwa

    Number of bearings:4
    Gear ratio:5.2:1
    Spare spool:Lack
    Spool capacity: 150/0.14

    Daiwa 23 Ninja LT reel- compared to the previous model, the new 23' Ninja model has been improved in terms of basic functions and is now more sensitive and more powerful. Thanks to the use of the new, lightweight Airdrive rotor, the reel's balance has been moved from the front to the lower part of the reel, which leads to better balance and higher sensitivity when fishing. The feel for the bait improves and faster reactions are now possible. The precise and durable Digigear gear ensures high winding force and durable, silky smooth and even operation. The new Airdrive bail is lighter than the previous version, very durable and, combined with the new bail arm, significantly reduces the tangle effect during casting. If the line gets tangled in the bail arm, when you turn the handle, it will simply slide onto the roller over the shoulder. The ATD Type-L brake ensures uniform and optimized line release under load without high starting resistance, ensuring the required safety when fighting large specimens. The aluminum Longcast ABS spool has a special spool edge that allows for longer casts. The design of the Twistbuster III bail roller is adapted to the use of braided lines: the braided line is not compressed during winding, which results in less twisting.

    Attention! Reel knob: Sizes 1000 to 2000 are supplied with an I-shaped knob, sizes 2500 to 6000 with a T-shaped knob.

    Daiwa 23 Ninja LT reel - characteristics:

    • AIRDRIVE Design
    • 4 ball bearings
    • TOUGH DIGIGEAR® mechanism
    • ATD™ Type-L brake system
    • ABS® aluminum spool for long casts
    • AIRDRIVE bail
    • Twist Buster® III roll protected with MagSealed®
    • Machine milled aluminum crank
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