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    Ritė Daiwa Laguna LT 1000-4000

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    Daiwa technology at a clever price!
    The Laguna LT  is a spinning reel which is mounted on the Light & amp ; Tough concept based and offers maximum stability and enormous fighting power with an extremely low weight!
    But why is this role so lightweight? div >
    This is very much related to the fact that a light True Carbon roller body was used. This reduces weight and size compared to conventional castors but offers just as great stability as conventional materials < / font>
    The "Air Rotor" system improves balance and rotation. In addition, it reduces the rotor weight by 15%! This spinning reel runs as smooth as silk with 3 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing. In addition, only a few rollers in this price range have 3 ball bearings!
    In short : The Daiwa Laguna LT is a versatile range of workhorse spinning reels. For anglers who are looking for the best of Daiwa technology at a smart price!
    Special Features:
    light carbon reel body, LT concept (Light & amp ; Tough), ABS long cast spool made of aluminum, Tough Digigear gear, reliable ATD braking system, Cross Wrap line laying, Infinite backstop, Twist Buster II line roller, aluminum crank with large ergonomic crank knob, ... 

    Daiwa Laguna LT

    KodasModelisPerdavimasGuolių skaičiusGaliaValo talpaSvoris
    10005.2:135.00kg0.16/150 mm/m220g
    20005.2:135.00kg0.18/150 mm/m225g
    3000-C5.3:1310.00 kg0.23/150 mm/m260g
    4000-C5.2:1312.00 kg0.28/150 mm/m290 g

     PASTABA: norimą modelį prašome nurodyti pastabose esančiose užsakymo pildymo formoje arba el. paštu info@spiningavimas.lt

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