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    Ritė Daiwa 20 Fuego LT 6000 --Neu 2021

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    Silky smooth run, low weight & enormous fighting power!
    The Fuego LT 6000 is a spinning reel, which is based on the Light & Tough concept and offers silky smooth run paired with enormous fighting power at an extremely low weight!
    With this reel, Daiwa enters a new dimension in LT reel construction. Because the new material combination, Zaion V in the reel body and the Air Rotor, makes the reel even lighter and at the same time more torsion-resistant and stronger than its predecessor. This time it is also a body that is smaller. But it still contains a large coil.
    The proven Tough Digigear transmission offers a better power transmission and greater capacity , to also permanently with big baits to fish , without affecting the smooth running. In this way you can look forward to a smooth run of your role in every situation.
    However, thanks to its sensitivity , the gearbox also helps you to feel every fine bite down to your fingertips. Accordingly, you won't miss the slightest pluck on your line! The ergonomic Hi-Grip handle knob, on the other hand, prevents the reel from slipping out of your hand during a fight .
    The reliable and extremely powerful ATD braking system ensures optimized braking power and breathtaking drill performance , which even pushes particularly strong predatory fish.
    The CNC milled aluminum crank of the spinning reel is screwed tightly, sits on the drive wheel with no play and also ensures improved power transmission .
    The Magsealed mechanism prevents water, salt and dirt particles from penetrating, which means that the Fuego LT 6000 will serve you well! However, after using them in salt water, you should rinse them with water (not immerse them).
    Special Features:
    Zaion V reel body, LT concept (Light & Tough), saltwater-proof Magsealed body construction, 6 ball bearings, Zaion V Air rotor, Tough Digigear gear, reliable ATD braking system, Infinite anti-reverse backstop, cross wrap line laying (for a perfect winding pattern with all fishing lines !), Aluminum Air spool, CNC milled aluminum crank, Hi-Grip handle knob, Air Bail roller bracket, Twist Buster II line roller, speed translation, Compact Body spool (small body / large spool), ...
    Spare spool:No
    Kitchen sink:Aluminum
    Crank:Single crank
    Translation:5.1: 1
    Braking force:12kg
    Own weight:335g
    Line retraction:92cm
    Cord setting:0,40mm/150m
    Casing:Zaion V
    Transmission:Zaion V
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