Shimano Twin Power XD C 3000 XG - New 2021



    Shimano Twin Power XD 4000 HG - New 2021

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    Twin Power XD 4000 HG
    with 5.8: 1 ratio
    Light, powerful and durable!

    Special Features:
    10 + 1 ball bearings & Hagane gear for permanently smooth & precise roller running, Micromodule Gear II reduces the gear noise and improves the smoothness, lighter Hagane roller body with CI4 + shares gives a great durability, X-Ship gear supports smooth rolling even under heavy loads, X- Protect reel protection prevents the penetration of water and dirt (and also minimizes friction), G-Free Body for the ideal center of gravity of the reel, AR-C spool for further & more precise casts with integrated "Long Stroke Spool" technology, S-ARB Shielded anti-rust bearings, Silent Drive, One Piece Bail, Rigid Support braking system, one-piece, screw-in crank with round crank knob for ideal power transmission and comfortable use, ...

    Spare spool:No
    Casing:Ci4 +, Hagane
    Crank:Single crank
    Translation:5.8: 1
    Ball-bearing:10 + 1
    Own weight:245g
    Line retraction:95cm
    Braking force:11kg
    Cord setting:0.30mm / 180m, 0.35mm / 130m

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