Ritė Shimano 21 Twin Power SW C 8000 PG-488,00 



    Ritė Shimano 21 Twin Power SW C 8000 PG

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    The powerful 21 Twin Power SW reel was developed for your toughest fights in both freshwater and saltwater. So you have developed the ideal spinning reels for sea spin fishing to hunt for big sea predators such as tuna & etc!

    Of course, they are also suitable for freshwater use, to go hunting for the biggest big pike and catfish in our fishing waters. Thanks to the Infinity Drive technology, the reel always feels light and you still have the uncompromising power to hold your own against the very largest native predatory fish in the fight.

    The X-Shield and X-Protect technology offers you enough protection to prevent dirt, sand or water from penetrating the inner chamber of the reel. So you have a durable reel and can devote yourself to the toughest challenges when fishing without worries.

    Supported by the X-Ship transmission and the "Infinity Drive" technology, a smooth roll-up is child's play even with heavy loads. Thanks to the heatsink drag, care is also taken to keep the coil temperature as low as possible by conducting the heat from the drag disk into the heat sink. This reduces line and reel damage and maintains the strength of the material.

    The AR-C spool, which supports you with your long and precise casts, ensures ideal handling. While the one-piece and detachable crank with oval crank knob ensures effective power transmission and ideal comfort!

    The new 21 Twin Power SW Sea Spinning Reels offer you an absolutely strong and durable combat reel for taking land and offshore play to a new level!

    Product Details:

    • 10+1 ball bearings & Hagane gears for permanently smooth and precise roller running
    • X-Shield creates a waterproof roll structure
    • light Hagane reel body with great durability
    • X-Ship gear and Infinity Drive for smooth reeling even with heavy loads
    • X-Protect reel protection prevents the ingress of water & dirt (and also minimizes friction), AR-C spool for longer & more accurate casts
    • EI - Surface treatment for twice the durability of the spool surface
    • S-ARB shielded anti-rust bearings
    • Silent Drive
    • Heatsink drag reduces coil temperature
    • one piece bail
    • X-Tough braking system and Cross Carbon Drag
    • One-piece, screw-in crank with oval crank knob for ideal power transmission and comfort

    Spare spool:no
    Crank:single crank
    Braking power:25kg
    line retrieval:94cm
    line capacity:0.30mm/180m
    Weight in grams:615
    Translation x:1:4.9
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