Ritė Daiwa 23 Legalis LT 2500 D-105,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Legalis LT 2500 D-105,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Legalis LT 2500 D-105,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Legalis LT 2500 D-105,00 



    Ritė Daiwa 23 Legalis LT 2500 D

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    23 Legalis LT 2500 D

    Unbeatable value for money!

    The brand new 23' Legalis LT from Daiwa is a masterpiece of Japanese engineering that offers unbeatable value for money. Compared to the previous model, the Legalis LT 23 is lighter and at the same time more resilient. The secret behind it? The innovative airdrive design concept from Japan.

    With a feather-light weight of just 195 grams in size 2500, the Legalis LT sets new standards. The Airdrive rotor, made from the special Zaion V material, is characterized by minimal starting resistance, which enables better bait feel and increased sensitivity. Shifting the center of gravity to the rear of the reel improves the overall balance when throwing.

    The Tough Digigear gear is not only extremely resilient, but is also mounted in a torsion-proof roller body made of Zaion V material. This means it runs silky smoothly and offers high retrieval power, making this reel the ideal choice for spin fishing for zander, perch, pike and trout.

    The new Airdrive bracket is lighter and yet extremely resilient. In combination with the new bail arm, it significantly minimizes tangles when casting. The ATD Type-L drag ensures consistent line release under load without relying on high initial resistance. This creates security, especially when fighting big fish.

    The Longcast ABS spool made of aluminum has an optimized release edge that minimizes friction and thus ensures impressive casting distances. The Twistbuster III construction on the line roller ensures that braided line is not flattened when spooling, reducing the formation of twist.

    The 23' Legalis LT from Daiwa is the dream of every angler looking for quality, performance and a convincing price-performance ratio.

    Trust the precision and innovation from Japan to take your fishing adventures to the next level.

    Product details:
    • T-shape crank knob
    • Airdrive design
    • Zaion V reel body
    • 5 ball bearings
    • Zaion V Airdrive Rototror
    • Tough Diggigear gear
    • ATD Type-L braking system
    • Cross wrap line laying
    • Forged ABS aluminum long cast spool
    • AIRDRIVE roller bracket
    • Twist Buster III line roller
    • Machine-milled aluminum screw-in crank
    Braking power:10kg
    Weight in grams:200
    Line retraction:75cm
    Cord holder:0.28mm/150m
    Gear ratio x:1:5.3
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