Ritė Daiwa Tatula HD 200HL LTD-211,00 
    Ritė Daiwa Tatula HD 200HL LTD-211,00 
    Ritė Daiwa Tatula HD 200HL LTD-211,00 
    Ritė Daiwa Tatula HD 200HL LTD-211,00 



    Ritė Daiwa Tatula HD 200HL LTD

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    200,00 €
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    DAIWA TATULA- With the Tatula multiplier, DAIWA has made another step in the development of the T-Wing System (GRP) technology. Its improved version increases the casting possibilities compared to normal casting reels by up to 10%. Achieving this result made it possible to reduce the friction and the resistance associated with it on casting, thanks to the increase in the angle of departure of the line from the spool. When retracting, the T-shaped guide folds down partially hiding in the body to precisely guide the line with its narrower, lower part. This new generation of GRP system has already made a big sensation in the USA. An additional factor in increasing the throw distance is the extremely light-running spool. TATULA is also impressive with other details, which in this price class are something really special,

    TATULA HD 200HL LTD - Tatula HD 200HL LTD was created for heavy fishing with large lures and thick braided lines. An extra strong brass mechanism easily works with rubber imitations from the 25-30cm category. The GRP system improves the ejection distance by up to about 10%. Thanks to 7 ball bearings, the CRBB is perfect for fishing in Brachian waters and Swedish skerries. Air Rotation gear for silky smooth, soft running.

    Technical parameters:

    • Aluminum housing
    • 7 "CRBB®" ball bearings
    • T-Wing System (TWS ™)
    • CNC milled gear
    • UTD® brake
    • Magforce® magnetic brake
    • Star brake with Click-System
    • 100mm aluminum handle
    • Soft-Touch handle
    • Left arm model


    Svoris: 230 g
    Guolių skaičius: 7
    Perdavimas: 6.3: 1
    Valo surinkimas vienu rankenėlės pasukimu: 71 cm
    Valo talpa: 0.32 / 180
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