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    Ritė Daiwa Steez CT TW 700XHL

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    Thanks to the CT (Compact & Tough) concept, the Daiwa Steez CT TW 700XHL ultiplier enables fishing with both extremely light and heavy lures. By using a super light spool with a diameter of only 30mm, it was possible to reduce the initial resistance while casting, which allows for relatively easy casting of lures below 5g. At the same time, the spool is strong enough to allow the use of thicker braids of approx. 30 lbs and lures up to approx. 28 g. Thanks to this, the Daiwa Steez CT TW 700XHL multiplier can be used very universally. Thanks to the smaller spool, the body itself could also have a slightly smaller, more compact form - which has a positive effect on the comfort of fishing, especially during long-term trips. The integrated GRP system reduces the friction generated on the cast, improving the distance achieved. The magnesium body weighs only 150g! The perfect equipment for sophisticated fishing.

    • Brake power: 4.50 kg

    Daiwa Steez CT TW 700XHL multiplier - technical parameters:

    ► CT (Compact & Tough)
    ► AIR METAL magnesium housing
    ► 12 "CRBB®" ball bearings
    ► T-Wing System (TWS ™)
    ► UTD® brake
    ► Magforce®-Z magnetic brake
    ► Star brake with Click-System
    ► Handle Soft-Touch handles
    ► Left hand model
    ► Made in Japan


    Svoris: 150 g
    Guolių skaičius: 12
    Perdavimas: 8.1: 1
    Valo surinkimas vienu rankenėlės pasukimu: 76 cm
    Valo talpa: 80 / 0,26
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