Wolf Icon Q - 4 Rod Set & Hubb-659,00 



    Wolf Icon Q - 4 Rod Set & Hubb

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    ICON Q – 4 Rod Set & Hubb

    Never miss a bite again! 100% Made in the UK!

    The Q bite alarm is a step below the Qi in the ICON range, but don't let that fool you, it has an excellent feature set that is more than comparable to other leading bite alarms. All products in the Icon range were subjected to long-term testing during development.

    100% Made in the UK!

    Product details:

    • 4x ICON Q bite alarms | 1x ICON Hubb
    • Highly sensitive impeller detection – RWD
    • Drop-back differentiation
    • Recoil Elimination (Wave Suppression) - High visibility LEDs 7 changeable colors: Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and White LED brightness can also be adjusted for different fishing situations.
    • Lighting time of the bite alarm LED adjustable
    • Piezo speakers
    • Smart Indicator Port - SIP for external connection of swingers, for example
    • Smart LED Drive - The display color of the swinger matches the color of the bite indicator LED
    • IQ Port connection for wired ICON accessories.
    • HUBB/Qr HUBB Link
    • Extreme transmission/reception range - XTD Up to 2 km in open area
    • Fully sealed waterproof electronics
    • Battery level display
    • Local Mute 30/60 seconds selectable - With the “Local Mute” function you can temporarily mute the bite alarm
    • On off
    • Hard Case Provides protection for the bite alarm and allows it to turn on and off automatically when removed or mounted.
    • Non-slip rubber rod protector
    • Stainless steel thread, lock nut and pressure washer
    • Battery life 1000 hours in standby
    • Beta Light slots
    • Range test
    • Tone Differentiation - Run & Drop Back
    • Bite persistence time adjustable
    • Anti-theft device - shutdown alarm on the HUBB
    • power saving mode
    • Warranty 3 years with 4th year FREE upon registration
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