Wolf Icon Q- 3 Rod Set & QR Hubb-470,00 



    Wolf Icon Q- 3 Rod Set & QR Hubb

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    ICON Q – 3 Rod Set & QR Hubb 

    Never miss a bite again! 100% Made in the UK!

    The Q bite alarm is a step below the Qi in the ICON range, but don't let that fool you, it has an excellent feature set that is more than comparable to other leading bite alarms. All products in the Icon range were subjected to long-term testing during development.

    The Qr Hubb, cheaper than the Hubb but still an incredible receiver due to its impressive range of features. Like the entire Icon range, the Qr Hubb is designed and manufactured in the UK. The QR Hubb is not only a receiver, but also a control unit and transmitter!

    100% Made in the UK!

    Product details:

    • 3x ICON Q bite alarms | 1x ICON Hubb

    Icon Q bite alarm:

    • High Sensitivity Roller Wheel Detection – RWD, for the most cautious bites when necessary.
    • Drop-back differentiation. Recoil elimination.
    • High Viz LED's with a choice of 4 colors to match your coils or turn them off
    • Stealth Mode - lock time can be adjusted from the Hubb, as can sensitivity, tone and volume.
    • Automatic night light with 4 different colors, adjustable from the Hubb.
    • 2 sockets with rubber covers
    • ICON Q bite alarms pair with the Hubb or QR Hubb. There is a pairing button for easy pairing.
    • Visibility of 2 km for transmission
    • Battery indicator when switched on and 1000 hours standby time
    • Local mute button
    • Hard case that protects the alarm
    • Anti-theft power down warning on Hubb

    QR Hubb:

    • LEDs to indicate backward and forward movement of the alarm, flashing during dropback
    • 7 LED colors to choose from to program the alarm it is paired with.
    • 6 wireless channels that are saved during shutdown so you don't have to reconfigure settings.
    • Volume control on the Qr Hubb itself
    • Sound playback of the paired alarm
    • Battery level indicator of the Qr Hubb and the paired alarm.
    • Global mute for all paired items.
    • The rumble alarm can be switched on or off and is immediately available when received.
    • 500 hours in standby.
    • 1 km transmission range with line of sight
    • Theft protection. Fully sealed electronics in a solid, rugged case to work in all weather conditions
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