Fox Horizon X4 13ft Spod/Marker Full Shrink



    Fox Horizon X4 13ft Spod/Marker Full Shrink

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    Horizon X4 Spod/Marker Full Shrink
    with 13ft / 396cm rod length
    For the angler with style!
    The Horizon X4 rods are based on a high-density, multidirectional woven carbon blank made of a 2K fabric mat, which enables the rod to be light and fast.
    The rings on this rod are anti-tangle rings. On the 10ft models as well as the 12ft models with 2.75lb, the starter ring has a diameter of 40mm. On all other Horizon X4 models, the starting ring has a diameter of 50mm.
    The 5lb Spod / Marker rods with 12ft and 13ft each also have a starting ring with a diameter of 50mm.
    Product details of the Fox Horizon X4 Spod / Marker Full Shrink:
    • Length: 13ft / 3.96m
    • Startring: 50mm
    • Fuji 18mm DPS reel seat
    • glossy lacquered
    • Discreetly labeled
    Rod color:dark
    Rod parts:2
    Call:5 + 1
    Starting ring:50mm
    Rod length:13ft
    Handle:Full Shrink

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