Stovas ProLogic Tri-Lux Rod-135,00 



    Stovas ProLogic Tri-Lux Rod

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    Tripod with many possible uses!

    Incredibly stable and lightweight tripod rod pod that is perfect for use with big pit carp reels suitable .

    Since the legs as well as the angle of inclination and the Mi You can adjust this luxury three-legged pod individually to your needs and use it perfectly on your fishing spot !

    Due to the CNC milled aluminum parts or the light aluminum construction the rod pod can be transported easily and comfortably . Despite these properties, it is incredibly stable and reliable .


    Product details:

    adjustable height: 60-95cm

    total length: 70-114cm

    3 rod rests: 40cm and 50cm

    Legs, angle of inclination and central bar adjustable.

    Color: black

    light, incredibly stable aluminum construction

    perfect for Big Pit Rolls

    including transport bag

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