Stovas Anaconda Extension Bent-100,00 



    Stovas Anaconda Extension Bent

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    Absolutely stable and versatile!

    The Bent Pod extension is characterized by its versatility and possible uses. < / em>

    In addition to its style, it also offers a huge number of features and practical functions.

    The predecessor was already extremely successful but d This further development is guaranteed to add a shovel!

    Equipped with the extremely popular Bent Buzzer Bars , which are 40cm wide at the back and 47cm at the front .

    With the practical Quick Lock the rod pod and the legs can be adjusted to the preferred length . You can also fix the legs at different angles, which allows the 6 legs in 3 different lengths all possible uses.

    Because the screw connections on the pod are provided with the conventional 3/8 BSF thread , all classic banksticks can be easily used Fasten.

    Product details:

    Material: powder-coated black aluminum

    2 legs from 31 to 47cm,

    2 legs from 38 to 62cm

    Weight: 2.8kg 

    Transport dimensions including bag: 82 x 24 x 10cm

     Incl. Transport bag, made of 600D nylon

    Adjustable in length from 79 to 132cm

    Quick Lock fasteners

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