Stovas Prologic S-Series Convertible Long Legs 3-83,00 



    Stovas Prologic S-Series Convertible Long Legs 3

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    Rod Pod for 3 rods!


    The long leg version comes with two Supplied with long front legs that are adjustable from 80-130cm making for a truly versatile and stable rod pod. This gives anglers the ability to aim their rods in the direction of the stars, making it the perfect solution when fishing at range or on rivers with strong currents.


    Product Details

      • Weight: 2000 grams

      • Black anodized aluminum

      • Fully adjustable construction

      • Alignment cuffs

      • Tote bag included

      • Length adjustable from 80 to 120 cm

      • One adjustable height from 80 to 130 cm

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