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    Meccanica Vadese

    NICK 95 Nero Black & amp; Black

    for up to 3 rods

    With their rod pods, the team at Meccanica Vadese sets a new standard in terms of design and functionality that other rod pod manufacturers can only dream of!

    With the Nick 95, the Italians offer the ultimate end result in matters of functionality, stability, compactness and design !

    The intended use of the pod ranges from use as a normal 4-leg rod pod , to use as a high pod , to use as High Tower .

    Each leg is telescopic from approx. 50cm to a sensational 114cm and can be adapt accordingly for each situation.

    Even Very short or long fishing rods can be stored perfectly on this rod pod thanks to the telescopic center rod !

    In order to further improve the stability of the tips are equipped with a hole , which allow the Rod Pod to be welded almost to the ground. This means that even the biggest storm is no longer a real threat .
    All Meccanica Vadese pods are handcrafted , so each piece is unique !

    So you are up to every situation and every body of water!


    Product details:

    • Colors: black design with black buzzer bars

    • fully collapsible

    optimal adaptation to your fishing rods thanks to the telescopic central rod with anti-rotation pin (approx. 97-158cm)

    • 3 buzzer bars

    • Legs can be telescoped twice: approx. 50 - 114 cm

    • Center bar variable: approx. 97 - 158 cm,

    •  Countless construction and adaptation variants for every conceivable situation.

    • Delivery in a special, high-quality protective / transport bag

    • Material: high-quality aluminum with black optics

    • Pack size: approx. 108 x 20 x 27 cm


    The rod pods from Meccanica Vadese are high-quality, hand-made rod pods.

    Due to the long manufacturing process and the intensive work, small paint and cosmetic defects can occur.

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