Ritė Daiwa 24 TDR 2508 QD-0,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 24 TDR 2508 QD-0,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 24 TDR 2508 QD-0,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 24 TDR 2508 QD-0,00 



    Ritė Daiwa 24 TDR 2508 QD

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    24 TDR 2508 QD

    The match and feeder role of the professionals!

    Discover the new Daiwa 24 TDR – the match & feeder reel with the revolutionary airdrive design! Lighter and more sensitive than ever before, the Airdrive concept offers increased sensitivity in drills and minimizes the risk of dropping out. The one-piece, hollow airdrive bracket, the extra light airdrive spool and the innovative rotor reduce the weight in the front part of the reel, improve balance and give an impressive casting feel with unsurpassed aiming accuracy.

    The HardbodyZ reel body made of aluminum ensures that the Tough Digigear gear is mounted in a torsion-proof manner, which generates enormous retrieval force. Large gears on the drive wheel ensure smooth running and optimal power transmission, particularly important for heavy assemblies from a long distance. The Longcast ABS spool made of aluminum with a special release edge minimizes friction in the cast and enables impressive casting distances.

    The Twistbuster III construction on the line roller prevents braided line from being flattened when spooling and reduces unwanted twist. With a new, screw-in, quick-folding crank made of aluminum, the Daiwa 24 TDR offers everything you need for a first-class fishing adventure!

    Get it now and experience perfection in motion.

    Product details:
    • Airdrive design
    • Airdrive rotor
    • Tough Diggigear gear
    • QD braking system
    • ABS aluminum long cast spool
    • HIP cord clip
    • Airdrive roller bracket
    • Twist Buster III line roller
    • One-touch quick-folding crank
    • Round EVA crank knob
    Braking power:10kg
    Weight in grams:250
    Crank:Single crank
    Line retraction:72cm
    Cord holder:0.23mm/150m
    Gear ratio x:1:4.8
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