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Vobleris Abu Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid 200mm Yellow Fin



Vobleris Abu Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid 200mm Yellow Fin Perch

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  • Ilgis: 20cm
  • Svoris: 100g
  • Gylis: 0,5 - 2 m


ABU GARCIA Svartzonker McHybrid 200mm 100g 

McHybrid is an effective and unique hybrid bait where two worlds meet, soft and hard at the same time. With its wide and oval body, it offers a realistic baitfish profile with an elegant swimming pattern that attracts big predators. When attached to the top eyelet, it swims deeper and with a wider swimming pattern. The lower eyelet gives it a calmer and shallower swimming pattern.


  • Made of impact resistant ABS
  • Weighted with environmentally friendly zinc
  • Stainless steel wire throughout for added strength
  • Hand painted
  • Environmentally friendly, phthalate-free plastisol
  • Developed in Sweden by Svartzonker
  • Extra strong stainless steel snap rings
  • Super sharp Berkley Fusion19 hooks

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