Masalas Abu Garcia Beast Paddle Tail 210mm Golden Roach-4,50 



    Masalas Abu Garcia Beast Paddle Tail 210mm Golden Roach

    Abu Garcia
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    Masalas 21 cm ilgio.


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    The Beast Paddle Tail is based on the proven shape of Swedish designed swim baits with a retro-cool twist. The lure's large paddle tail gives it a very steady rocking motion over the full length of the shad. A versatile bait for very big pike!

    • Bait Length 210mm
    • Bait Size 93g
    • Swimming Depth Varied
    • Designed & developed in Sweden
    • Pro designed shapes
    • Unique swimming action
    • Hand painted & sealed
    • Irresistible proven colors with a modern twist
    • Phthalate free material for fish well-being
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