Palapinė Pelzer All Weather Dome 1.60m tent plus winter skin



    Palapinė Pelzer All Weather Dome 1.60m tent plus winter skin

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    Weatherproof & stable!
    The two terms weatherproof and stable describe the All Weather Dome 160 perfectly! The dome has double-sealed seams throughout and a 5,000mm water column , which means that it can withstand environmental influences. But even in summer it is a wonderful tent. Because the front can be opened completely , which means that the large canopy can be used perfectly.
    But what about the air circulation?
    This fact was also taken into account during production. In particular, because the entrance area is perfectly protected in bad weather with a large mosquito and insect window , which, however, has a second function and that is to ensure sufficient air circulation inside the tent. This is supported by two large windows that were built into the rear of the tent. This of course also ensures that there is enough daylight in the tent!
    In addition, the tent has a robust groundsheet , which can be easily removed . This makes it a perfect alternative to waters where it is forbidden to pitch a tent.
    The All Weather Dome 160 is delivered in a robust transport bag and with pegs .
    Product details:
    Dimensions: 230 x 280 x 160 cm
    All seams are double sealed
    5000 mm water column
    Delivery including tent pegs and transport bag
    Ground tarpaulin made of tear-resistant 100% PE material
    with Velcro fasteners
    Weight: 16.8 kg
    Transport size approx 170cm
    Tent fabric material: 100% 210D PU
    All Weather Dome Winterskin
    The right winter skin for the Pelzer All Weather Dome 160!
    Product details:
    5000 mm water column
    Material: 100% 210D PU
    including 7 tent pegs
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