SKĖTIS 112cm
    SKĖTIS 112cm
    SKĖTIS 112cm
    SKĖTIS 112cm
    SKĖTIS 112cm
    SKĖTIS 112cm



    SKĖTIS 112cm NGT 45 "Camo Brolly with Zip umbrella and side curtain

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    112cm skersmens skėtis su uzdengiamu šonu, susegamu užtrauktuku. ,
    45 "Camo Brolly
    having sidewalls
    The perfect tent replacement is a big screen!
    Every angler comes once in the situation that it suddenly begins to rain.
    This screen has a small pack size is set up quickly and protects by its large size and the fishing equipment to rain.
    This screen tent is as large as our screen, but still offers added protection to the sides and rear.
    The separate wind and rain protection is attached by means of a zipper, and can if necessary be removed.
    Details of the product 45 "Camo Brolly
      •  Size: 45 "
      • Transport length: about 129cm
      • Pegs and guy cord included
      • Screen and side walls in separate pockets
      • Material: 210T
      •  Camo
      • Next Generation Tackle from the UK
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